July 26, 2017


Macon County Accepts for Recording:

A combination of 18 inches x 24 inches, 21 inches x 30 inches or 24 inches x 36 inches


Plats to Be Reproducible – Each plat presented for recording shall be a reproducible plat, either original ink on polyester film (mylar), or a reproduced drawing, transparent and archival (as defined by the American National Standards Institute), and submitted in this form. The recorded plat must be such that the public may obtain legible copies. A direct or photographic copy of each recorded plat shall be placed in the plat book or plat file maintained for that purpose and properly indexed for use. In those counties in which the register has made a security copy of the plat from which legible copies can be made, the original may be returned to the person indicated on the plat.


Information Contained in Title of Plat  – The title of each plat shall contain the following information: property designation, name of owner (the name of owner shall be shown for indexing purposes only and is not to be construed as title certification), location to include township, county and state, the date or dates the survey was made; scale or scale ratio in words or figures and bar graph; name and address of surveyor or firm preparing the plat.


Certificate; Form – There shall appear on each plat a certificate by the person under whose supervision the survey or plat was made, stating the origin of the information shown on the plat, including recorded deed and plat references shown thereon. The ratio of precision before any adjustments must be shown. Any lines on the plat that were not actually surveyed must be clearly indicated and a statement included revealing the source of information. Where a plat consists of more than one sheet, only one sheet must contain the certification and all other sheets must be signed and sealed. Nothing in this requirement shall prevent the recording of a map that was prepared in accordance with a previous version of G.S. 47-30 as amended, properly signed, and notarized under the statutes applicable at the time of the signing of the map. However, it shall be the responsibility of the person presenting the map to prove that the map was so prepared


Local Certificates Required in Macon County – Mapping Certificates Required in Macon County

(Please check with Macon County Mapping Office for more information on local requirements, like plat approval prior to recording)


For more detailed information on laws regarding Plat Recordings please see NCGS 47-30 – Plats and Subdivisions; mapping requirements.